Anti Bird-Strike Window Stickers


Produced by Matuku Link (Te Henga), with this purchase you support dragonfly habitat and protect birds from flying into windows.

Packet contains 7 self-adhesive full-colour permanent stickers.




WRPS flyer
We love living in the Waitakere Ranges and so do our feathered friends.
Birds vs. glass ends up badly for the birds. Help them avoid the glass with these attractive anti bird-strike stickers. Sales supports WRPS and your local community wetland conservation project: Matuku Link in Bethells/Te Henga.

Anti bird-strike window stickers alert birds to the glass before they try to fly through!

The only anti bird-strike stickers with native New Zealand fauna. At just $25 per pack of 7 large stickers on two A4 sheets, it includes a beautiful poster.

Sales support restoration of the wetland, benefitting all native species including our endangered duck pateke (brown teal) at Matuku Link.