Objectives of the Waitakere Ranges Protection Society Incorporated

  • To protect and conserve the natural environment in the Waitakere Ranges as a remarkable place of high value, for its ecosystems, for the beauty of its rugged landscape, its ocean and harbour shores and for its native plant and animal life, for its own sake, for its value to people and for the generations to come.
  • To protect Auckland’s western forest and coastline from degradation and to promote its conservation.
  • To enhance environmental values and restore disturbed areas to ecological health.
  • To see the region managed and nurtured by a unified and consistent philosophy of protection.
  • To provide an unequivocal voice speaking for this area of exceptional natural heritage.
  • To raise awareness through education, research, publication, and promotional work of the importance and value of the Waitakere Ranges to New Zealand’s environmental heritage preservation and well being.
  • To promote and scheme or activity that may benefit or help protect or preserve the Waitakere Ranges including but not limited to restoration projects where appropriate.
  •  To oppose any scheme or activity which might significantly adversely affect the natural ecosystems and landscape of the Waitakere Ranges.

Waitakere Ranges Protection Society constitution

The Society’s new constitution was ratified at a Special General Meeting held at the Arataki Visitor Centre on Wednesday 9 June 2010. It is registered as a Charity with the Charities Commission (CC 46103).
See WRPS constitution here.