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Notice to all WRPS members who use cheques (irrespective of which bank you use) to pay subscriptions, make donations or purchase books and other items from our store

WRPS’ bank (Kiwibank) will become cheque-free by 28 February 2020.  Kiwibank appears to be the first bank to do this, but we understand that others will follow in due course.

If you are a Kiwibank customer, you will no longer be able to use cheques to make any payments to anybody.

If you are a customer of another bank, you will still be able to write cheques, but WRPS (and any other organisation that banks with Kiwibank) will not be able to bank your cheques.

Options available to make payments to WRPS after 28 February are:

  • by internet (online banking), if you have a computer or a smart phone.

We will be setting up WRPS up as a “registered bill payee”.  No matter who you bank with you will just need to search for our name and our bank account details will pop up.  You will then be prompted to provide reference information to let us know who you are and what you are paying for;

  • by phone banking;
  • by visiting any Kiwibank branch.

In these two cases above, you will need to provide WRPS’ bank account number [38-9010-0379887-01] and BE SURE to advise us by email or by phone that you have made a payment, and what the payment is for.

  • by setting up an annual automatic payment through your bank.  This will only be applicable to the payment of subscriptions/regular donations.

 If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the WRPS Treasurer, Sandra Jones ( or 09 817 2788).