About the Society

“This place is a treasure that needs ever-vigilant guardians”

Waitakere Ranges Protection Society, President John Edgar 2006

The Waitakere Ranges Protection Society Incorporated is a community-based organisation with a membership of over 600 individuals and families.

The Society was incorporated in 1973. Its purpose is the conservation and protection of the Waitakere Ranges and to oppose any activity that may threaten or adversely affect the natural environment in the Waitakere Ranges. It regards itself as the foremost guardian of the wild Waitakere Ranges, with a mission to educate and protect its biodiversity, environmental and aesthetic values.

Waitakere Ranges Coastline – Image courtesy of Ted Scott

The Society campaigns and advocates for the preservation and restoration of the Waitakere Ranges. It advocates direct action in restoration planting, weed and pest control. and has fought many battles in Court intervening on both planning matters and public works that could potentially threaten the area.

Waitakere Coastline – Image courtesy of Ted Scott

The Society’s executive members include people with a wide range of skills in diverse areas including the sciences, the arts, Local Government and the law. The Society also has always numbered among its members, prominent scientists, artists and lawyers. The Society has the benefit of high quality pro bono publico assistance from a number of professional advisers and can muster formidable support or objection to specific proposals.

Kauri Forest interior – Image courtesy of John Braggins

The Society has had significant involvement over the past 40 years with respect to reviews of and changes to the various relevant District and Regional Plans, especially the Waitakere City District Plan, the formation of various structure plans and the resolution of planning consent applications under the Town and Country Planning Act and resource consent applications under the Resource Management Act, both at the Council level and on appeal to the Environment Court.
The Society has been largely successful in its advocacy for the unique environment.

Rata Flowering – Ted Scott

The Society depends entirely on voluntary donations, membership fees, grants and fundraising. It is does not receive Government funding. You can support the Society’s work by joining, by making a donation or regular payment, by bequeathing or by visiting our online shop.