The Climate Change Commission’s draft advice – He Pou a Rangi – is a comprehensive, optimistic and ambitious new plan. We agree that current Government policies do not put Aotearoa on the right track to reach 2050 targets, and there is a need for change. We acknowledge and commend the focus on decarbonisation of industries, rather than increasing reliance on (plantation) forestry. The general recommendations and proposals of the CCC’s advice are supported.

However there is not enough emphasis on the importance of permanent native forests, or the mitigation of drought and fire risks. WRPS feels strongly about the need to include public transport in areas such as the WRHA to reduce the negative impacts of increasing numbers of vehicles visiting and we would also like to see increased funding for caring for our native forestry, including more research into pest pathogens such as Kauri dieback, pest animal control for pigs, deer, goats possums, and an increase in urban tree planting.